Lithium Powder

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Lithium is a light, low-density metal that is often used in high strength-to-weight alloys. It is also a primary ingredient in lithium batteries, as well as in heat-resistant glass, lubricants and ceramics.

Lithium powder is used as a cathode and anode material for lithium-ion batteries. It can be fabricated using a variety of methods, including electrolyte chemistry and sputtering.

SLMP stabilized Lithium Metal Powder: The stabilization of lithium powder occurs by passivating the surface with an organic chemical called SLMP (stabilized Lithium Metal Powder) or SLMP(r). This technique is useful for use in secondary batteries where the anode host material must pre-lithiate to ensure maximum utilization and fastest diffusion.

Other applications of SLMP include the preparation of organo-lithium compounds in good yields. It is also useful for stabilizing and improving the reactivity of lithium metal oxide in a cathode material in an electrochemical cell.

Standard battery-grade lithium carbonate: Typical uses for lithium carbonate are as a cathode material in Li-ion batteries, for the production of lithium sulfide solid state electrolyte materials, and for lithium ion battery precursors. This battery-grade product is produced from a high-quality spodumene concentrate from Mount Marion, Australia, and has been tested and certified by NAATBatt International.

Resource Guarantee: The lithium hydroxide production process utilizes a proprietary patented extraction and evaporation method, which is based on a highly innovative process that extracts spodumene from zabuyelite mineral by pumping it from below ground into shallow pans for evaporation. The lithium sulfate produced is then converted into water-insoluble lithium carbonate by washing it with sodium carbonate.