Strontium Iodate

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strontium iodate (SrI2) is an ionic, water-soluble compound that can be used as an alternative to potassium iodide in medicine. It can also be used as a scintillator to detect gamma radiation.

It is soluble in water at room temperature and sparingly soluble in ethanol. It is a strong electrolyte, and it has a density of 4.55 g/cm3.


Strontium is present in many natural compartments in the environment, including rocks, soils and water. The element is a significant trace mineral that can be found naturally in foods and in some drinking water.

In nature, strontium is most commonly found in celestite (strontianite) and strontianite sulfate, but it is also a component of some meteorites. It is also a component of some radioactive isotopes.

The element is found in a wide range of compounds, and is used as an ingredient in pyrotechnics and fireworks to achieve a red color. It is also used in the cathode ray tubes that show television pictures.

Various studies have demonstrated that strontium iodate can help forestall bone misfortune and increase the retention of calcium in the body, which can help in preventing osteoporosis. It also helps strengthen teeth and may decrease the pain of osteoarthritis.

While it is not essential, strontium can be taken in supplement form to improve the absorption of calcium and other minerals. It is especially important in X tend-Life Natural Products Total Balance, which combines six mineral ocean salts that work synergistically to boost the health and effectiveness of the other 70 mineral ingredients.