Magnesium Arsenide Formula

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Magnesium arsenide is a crystalline solid. It belongs to the family of alkaline earth metal arsenates. The crystal structure is cubic close packing.

Magnesium arsenide is used in photo optic applications. It also has applications in pressure sensors and quantum dots. Moreover, it has several other electronic applications.

Magnesium is important to the body. It is required by various body systems such as the nervous system, the heart, and the muscles. However, consuming more than the recommended amount may lead to serious health problems.

If you want to consume magnesium, you can take supplements or apply magnesium chloride directly on your skin. This method is a good alternative to the traditional tablet, because it is less likely to cause digestive side effects.

Magnesium chloride is highly soluble in water. This is one of the reasons why it is used in de-icing parking lots and sidewalks. Besides, it can prevent ice formation.

Magnesium chloride has no odor. In fact, it is a colorless crystalline solid. When heated, it releases toxic fumes.

The US FDA has categorized magnesium chloride as a GRAS. However, it has not set an upper limit for the amount in a formula. Nevertheless, it is necessary to consume a minimum of 6 mg per 100 calories.

Magnesium chloride is also available as a topical spray or flakes for bath soaks. These types of products can be beneficial in helping people relax and sleep. For example, magnesium can improve muscle complaints and help elderly people fall asleep faster.

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