Mo – Molybdenum Wafer

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Mo – molybdenum wafers are polycrystalline refractory semiconductor substrates for n-type silicon doped semiconductors, and for use in LED and power device applications. This material offers high heat dissipation in LED chips.

Continuous MoS2 growth on graphene with controlled grain size: a novel strategy for van der Waals heterostructures

Epitaxial MoS2 monolayers can be formed on large-area graphene via chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on a sapphire substrate. This approach, compared to the conventional CVD growth of MoS2 on SiO2, has the advantage that grain size can be controlled to achieve desired properties, such as high crystalline quality and resistivity to electrical currents.

In this work, we report on a new method for synthesizing a continuous MoS2 film on graphene with controlled grain size using a gas phase sulfuric precursor (H2S) and molybdenum metal source. This method has been shown to produce uniform and heterogeneous films with high crystallinity over the entire area.

Electrochemical characterization and thin film transistors are used to characterize the performance of the synthesized MoS2 films grown on wafer-scale substrates. The results demonstrate that the control over the number of layers and the crystalline structure of MoS2 allows for the formation of highly-stable, uniform thin film transistors on silicon and quartz substrates with good thermal stability.

Bonding between a silicon wafer and a Mo substrate: without any flux

A Mo/Si bonding layer was formed on a Mo wafer, bonded in a 50 millitorrs vacuum at 290 degC for 15 min without the use of any flux. The microstructure of the bonding layer was investigated through scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX).