The Properties And Application of Arsenic trioxide

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The ATO powder, also known as arsenic trioxide, is an excellent heat insulation and conductive powder. Thermal insulation is used widely in coatings and polymer films. As a conductive substance, it offers unmatched advantages over other conductive substances (such as surfactants and metal powders). Dispersion, activity, thermoplasticity and wear resistance are all important factors. It’s used in photoelectric devices, transparent electrodes, solar cells and liquid crystal display, as well as catalysis. ATO (antimony doped tin oxide) is a transparent, light-colored conductive powder. It uses or doping (antimony), instead of (tin), in order to form a defect-solid melt that forms oxygen vacancies or emitted electrons to conduct electricity. Environmental dependence is a disadvantage.

Arsenic trioxide, with its excellent properties in terms of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties, is widely used as a semiconductor electronic package.
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