The Properties And Applications of Spherical Aluminum Oxide Powder

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Spherical aluminum oxide produced by high-temperature melt spraying has the characteristics of high sphericity and high content of a-phase aluminum oxide. Spherical aluminum oxide shows superior performance when used as a filler for rubber, plastics, and ceramic materials.

Spherical Aluminum Oxide Properties

1. High filling
Spherical aluminum oxide has high sphericity and wide particle size distribution. It can fill rubber and plastics with high density and can obtain a mixture with low viscosity and good fluidity.

2. High thermal conductivity
Because spherical Al2O3 can be filled with high density, compared with crystalline silicon powder, a mixture with high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation can be obtained.

3. Low abrasion
Because of the spherical appearance of spherical aluminum oxide, the abrasion of equipment such as kneaders, molding machines and molds is greatly reduced, which can extend the service life of the equipment.

Spherical Aluminum Oxide Applications

1. Ceramic additives
Adding a certain amount of nano-spherical aluminum oxide powder can effectively solve the shortcomings of ceramics due to low temperature brittleness and narrow application range, which can be made into low-temperature plastic spherical aluminum oxide ceramics; adding 5.0% nano-spherical aluminum oxide powder to conventional ceramics The body can effectively increase the toughness of the ceramic and reduce the sintering temperature of the ceramic.

2. Composite materials
Nano-spherical Al2O3 powder can not only be used to synthesize new composite ceramic materials with special properties, but also can be used to make artificial teeth and bones.

3. Surface protective coating
Spherical aluminum oxide powder particles are sprayed on metals, plastics, etc., which can greatly improve the hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and fire resistance of the surface, and can be used for surface protection such as machinery, knives and chemical pipelines.

4. Optical materials
Nano-sized spherical aluminum oxide powder has a strong ability to absorb ultraviolet light below 250nm. If a few nanometers of spherical aluminum oxide powder is doped into rare earth phosphors, the blue shift phenomenon of nano-ultraviolet absorption can be used to absorb it. Harmful ultraviolet light, and will not reduce the luminous efficiency of the phosphor.

Nano-spherical aluminum oxide can be sintered into transparent ceramics as the material of high-pressure sodium lamps and can be combined with rare-earth phosphors as the luminescent material of the luminous lamp, which will not only reduce the cost but also prolong the life of the luminous lamp, it will be the main fluorescent material for the manufacture of the luminous lamp in the future.

5. Semiconductor materials
The nano-scale spherical aluminum oxide powder is extremely sensitive to humidity, has extremely high application value in temperature sensors, and can be widely used as the substrate material of large-scale integrated circuits.

6. Catalyst and its carrier
Spherical Al2O3 powder has a large specific surface area, and the surface of the particles has extremely rich mismatch bonds and under-oxygen bonds. When pressed into a sheet, it will contain abundant pores, with a porosity of 30-40%, which can be made into a porous membrane filter. The performance of the catalyst and catalyst carrier made by this is several times superior to the performance of similar products currently used.

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