Thin Foil

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The term thin foil describes a metal foil that is very thin. It is used in a wide variety of applications including manufacturing and packaging. thin foil is available in a large variety of alloys including aluminum, bronze, copper and brass. Foils can be annealed, cold-rolled and slit to width or length. Manufacturer and distributor of precision ultra-thin metal and alloy foil for aerospace, military, industrial and commercial applications. Products include slit-to-width and cut-to-length aluminum, copper, nickel, Inconel(r), Hastelloy(r) and Monel(r) alloy foil. Foil is also available in a range of tempers from O to H19. Capabilities include slitting, rewinding, shearing, cutting to length and band saw/waterjet/saw cutting. RoHS, REACH and DFARS compliant.

The angular distribution of single scattering from an atomic nucleus scattered through thin metal foils affords one of the simplest tests of the theory of the central charge distribution of a neutral atom. The results, obtained for a particle passing through thin gold foil, are in substantial agreement with the theory.

The explosion of thin foil (generally less than 1 mm thick) can be studied using high-voltage transmission electron microscopy (HVTEM). It has been shown that the energy of the emitted particles depends on the temperature and the initial structure of the atom. It has also been shown that the reversible deformation of the foil depends on the elastic strain in the bite region, and the frictional forces on the edges of the mouth depend on the temperature.