Magnesium Oxide

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Magnesium oxide, or magnesia, is a white powder that finds usage across many industries due to its refractory and insulator properties. It is commonly used to make mineral insulated thermocouples and can withstand high temperatures. The material has been tested and is deemed safe for use by the FDA, as well as other health agencies.

The refractory nature of mgo powder makes it ideal for insulating thermocouple wires, which is why it’s the standard powder insulation for temperature sensors. It is also used to produce other refractory materials and can be found in electrical, optical, and high-temperature applications. It is also an effective lubricant and can improve the durability of a product.

Unlike other minerals, magnesium is not naturally found in the body and needs to be consumed in order to function properly. It can be found in a variety of foods and supplements including antacids, laxatives, and even as part of some medical procedures. Magnesia is used as a medicine to relieve heartburn, ease stomach pains, and act as a laxative to aid in regularity. It is also used as a supplement for livestock as it provides them with the essential magnesium they need that eating grass, fodder and other plants may not provide.

High-temperature MG 605 is made by smelting calcined MG 605 magnesia in an electric arc furnace. It can withstand high temperatures and is ideal for making medium and high load air-fired electric heating elements. It does not require draining and sealing and can be poured directly on the heating element if necessary. It is silicone oil treated and has an excellent moisture-proof performance.