TZM Metal

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tzm metal is a molybdenum-zirconium-titanium alloy with high strength, good mechanical properties, low vapor pressure and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in military, aerospace and high-temperature structures pieces.

Typical applications of TZM are in nozzle throat linings, gas pipelines, heat sinks and furnace parts. Various grades of TZM are available, with specific hardness and temperature requirements.

Characterization and Properties of TZM Alloy:

Generally, TZM alloy is prepared by the addition of 0.5% titanium, 0.08% zirconium and 0.002% carbon. It has high melting point, excellent mechanical properties, small linear expansion coefficient, and strong corrosion-resistance.

The chemical composition of the TZM alloy was determined by X-ray powder X-ray diffraction (XRD). It was found that the main content was molybdenum, with the amount of titanium and zirconium being less than the percentage of molybdenum.

Physical and Mechanical Properties of TZM Alloy:

The properties of TZM alloy were studied under a variety of conditions. These include Charpy impact tests of In-exposed and unexposed TZM at different test temperatures, tensile tests of In-exposed TZM at 22 degC and 800 degC, and corrosion resistance testing of TZM in liquid Li at varying test temperatures.

The fracture toughness of In-exposed TZM samples was comparable to that of unexposed reference TZM samples from the same material stock at all testing temperatures. Moreover, In-exposed TZM showed a higher ductile fracture toughness, compared to the Charpy impact test results.

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